# Sublime fast snippets with php


Sublime snippets is powerful functions, customize some snippets to create PHP useful method and class.

# Package Control

You can install via Package Control now, installed package control in sublime and search PHP Snippets! 😍

# Installation

Changing directory to your sublime configure local:




~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User


Sublime Text 3/Packages/User

and you can do git clone:

$ git clone https://github.com/Mombuyish/sublime-fast-snippets-with-php.git

or you can also download .zip and unzip, put in there.

# Usage

Here is customize shortcuts in sublime.

Support tab to previous/next slug.

As you can see, I add new functions , references by PHPStorm.

shortcut function
_c build construct method
class build class with namespace
aclass build abstract class with namespace
echo echo
fore foreach
forek foreach with key
inc include
inco include_once
prif build private method
prisf build private static method
prof build protected method
prosf build protected static method
pubf build public method
pubsf build public static method
rqr require
rqro require_once
thr throw new...

# Notice

Those shortcuts are active .php file, Use <?php to define the file type.

Last Updated: 1/22/2020, 6:32:55 AM